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    Drop ship program We are launching our dropship program to those rep bag seller who loves to earn some commision by referring a friend or even taking the dropship as a real business. Everything is covered, all you need is just to collect order and we will ship out your order with guarantee received protection. Reseller / Wholesale We are looking for resellers for selected country which would like to bulk order our high quality replica fashions. Feel free to contact us to learn more. Requirement 10 pcs / design

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      1.) Check our album,send me the order list by words or excel, or send me photoes or links, and give me size ,
            quantity, you can choose from othere too, i will check if we can get.
      2.) I will check stock for you , and give you the single price with totally.
      3.) Finish payment:Bank wire transfer / Western union /,Bitcoin /,Moneygram , give me MTCN #.
      4.) We send the packages and pronide tracking number.
      5.) Inform us after you receive the packages.
      6.) DM me to order.

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NIL SLIM 手袋这款Epi贴饰Nil Slim手袋展现趣味内涵,作为品牌经典款式,一直以来都是旅行人士与男士的心爱之物。多彩Epi皮革与Damier Graphite帆布共同打造拼接图案,更配有银色金属饰件。多种口袋与可调节肩带成功解放双手,令它成为实用而前卫的理想配饰。详细特征30.0 x 22.0 x 9.0 cm (长 x 高 x 宽) Epi牛皮搭配Damier Graphite涂层帆布牛皮饰边织物内衬银色金属饰件可调节,不可拆卸肩带,配肩垫正面配有1个拉链隔层背面配有1个双层内袋背面配有1个外侧贴袋双拉链开合